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FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS 07 | 50 - “Spirits of the light! Wielders of the great power that shines far and wide upon the lands of our world… In my hour of need, grant me the light to banish evil!

PRINCESS ZELDA / The Legend of Zelda

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the last of us remastered + photomode (10/?)

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Hey everyone so since I’ve finally reached my goal of 600 followers, I said I was going to do my ps4 giveaway and here it is!! First I would like to thank everyone for their support and being so friendly.

I have to give a huge shout out to my girlfriend elizabethcomstalker because I couldn’t have done this or gotten this far without her.

So let’s get to it!


-You must be following me as this is a giveaway to my followers. (I will check!)

-The winner will get to choose between the ps4 destiny bundle which I have pre-ordered or the standard black ps4 I have and a choice of ANY game. I will even pre-order a game for the winner.

-I WILL ship internationally.

-I will be using a random generator to select the winner.

-Likes and EACH reblog will add your URL to the draw. But please do not spam. If you were following me before I made this, your URL is automatically added 5 times.

-I will NOT announce the winner, I will inbox the winner and give them 48 hours to respond, if they do not I will proceed to pick another winner using the random generator.

-The items will be used as to I will still use both of them until the giveaway ends so sorry the destiny bundle won’t be brand new.

-If you have any questions you can message me.

ENDS OCTOBER 1ST. (Good luck everyone!)

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Kairi being a badass for

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The thing about reality is that it’s still there waiting for you the next morning.

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Embrace the flames. Fear the demons.

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